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Beauty Guide:A Girls’ Night In

Getting all your besties together for an evening of wine, takeout and pampering is the perfect remedy for a long, exhausting week. I’ve pulled together all the beauty products you need to host the most fabulous girls’ night in. Seriously, you’ll have so much fun and feel so relaxed you’ll never want to go out again.

girls' night

Girls’ Night: Manicure & Pedicure

stick with basic many tools: nail file, clippers and cuticle pusher.

And matte and glossy nails is my favorite type.Check out this list of our fave nail tutorials.

You can also make an easy DIY lavender foot soak: Just mix ¼ cup of Epsom or sea salt with a few drops of lavender essential oil in warm water, and voila. You and your guests will feel like you’re at a luxury spa.

Girls’ Night: Facial

Purifying clay masks are fun for a girls’ night in.And let’s be honest, having all your friends covered in green goop makes for the perfect group selfie. Just like:

Lol, back on track, I recommend these product: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, Decléor Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask, The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask.

Girls’ Night: Braiding & Makeup

Remember how in grade school you would braid your friends’ hair during a sleepover? We all have a princess dream when we were little girls who were playing with the Bobbi doll. Then we grow up, still, there is room that have no change inside our. A Mohawk braid or the Ballerina Bun with a beautiful makeup-Entirely princess,all of you and just like your childhood.

On the other hand,go crazy with your makeup palette and try that wild tutorial you’ve been dying to test out (but never had the time or guts to try).Set up a station with makeup palettes, brushes, a laptop and a mirror so you all can follow along together.

Neon orange/electric blue eyeliner, graphic pink/lime green eye shadow and so on. Do whatever you want to make some fun.

Girls’ Night: Selfie

We live in the world of selfies. Like Facebook and twitter, selfie is a major social media phenomenon.A recent study on selfies shows that young people worldwide express themselves differently, and we take more photos of ourselves than everit seems selfies are doing a lot for self-confidence.As for girls’night in, it is the best means to create an atmosphere .

Set up a “selfie booth” in your home by pinning a tapestry (or cute wrapping paper) to the wall as a backdrop so everyone can take a glamour shot of their finished product. You’re going to want to document this night on Instagram.

There are a lot of scenes for you to choose from.A large pink tapestry add to it feather pillow with some holes can create unexpected sweet and sexy, as feathers fly everywhere and gently cover your lips.

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